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Brother Pacesetter Pro High Quality Thread Set Collection with 1 Rack


Floriani 5000M – White – LGPF0800

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Brother Pacesetter Pro 1000m Spools


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Pacesetter Embroidery Polyester Thread 40wt 1,100yds – Excellent for ALL Machines

This durable, high sheen genuine Brother embroidery thread is made of 100% ultra-bright trilobal thread polyester, which retains its color, heat resistance, and strength. The 40-weight, 1,100 yard Mini King spools are single-snap cones to help keep your thread from unwinding. This thread is excellent for all machines.

Trilobal refers to the shape of the fibers that make up the thread. Standard poly fibers are round, but Trilobal fibers are like a three pointed star. This provides a lot more surface to reflect the light and result in thread that has a high sheen.

Additional information

Weight .2 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 2 × 2 in

EPT0077 Kelly Green, ETP0008 Pink Jubilee, ETP0009 Pastel Salmon, ETP001 White, ETP0012 Bright Azalea, ETP0015 Cherry Stone, ETP0020 Candy Apple Red, ETP0021 Burgundy, ETP0025 Maroon, ETP0026 Baby Blue 1, ETP0028 Paris Blue, ETP0032 Asian Blue, ETP0047 Navy, ETP005 Silver, ETP0054 Angelic Blue, ETP0057 Medium Lilac, ETP007 Prussian Blue, ETP0076 Lt. Emerald Green, ETP0090 Dark Pine Green, ETP010 Cream Brown, ETP01005 Soft Tan, ETP01007 Lt. Wicker, ETP01019 Jockey Red, ETP01024 Plum, ETP01027 Special Blue, ETP0104 Daffodil, ETP01041 Rock Blue, ETP01042 Imperial Blue, ETP01043 Gem Blue, ETP01046 Blue Ribbon, ETP01050 Pacific Blue, ETP01052 Bambino Blue, ETP01068 Purple Accent, ETP01070 Purple Maze, ETP01082 Peppermint, ETP01087 Palmetto Green, ETP01089 Meadow Green, ETP01094 Maize, ETP01098 Lemon Crush, ETP01102 Real Yellow, ETP01106 Sun Flower, ETP01110 Golden Nectar, ETP01117 Rust, ETP01118 Warm Red, ETP0112 Orange Peel, ETP01122 Orangeade, ETP01128 Sugar Cane, ETP01139 Exotic Gold, ETP01141 Shreaded Wheat, ETP01143 Light Beige, ETP01144 Hazelnut, ETP01153 Blue Grey, ETP01155 Carbon Grey, ETP01171 Tan, ETP01173 Wicker, ETP01174 Bamboo Flesh, ETP01180 Blue Moss, ETP01187 Bronze, ETP01203 Pink Marble, ETP01209 Mello Melon, ETP01212 Sebring Silver, ETP01216 Dark Teal Green, ETP01227 Teal, ETP01236 Turkish Green, ETP01239 Ivy, ETP01241 Casino Royale, ETP01242 Rose Pink, ETP01247 Mauve, ETP01248 Wheatina, ETP01260 Soft Green, ETP01261 Lettuce, ETP01266 Aqua Mint, ETP01270 Medium Turquoise, ETP01276 Bamboo, ETP01278 Metropolitan, ETP01293 Mint Julep, ETP01294 Minty, ETP01296 Coffee Teak, ETP01298 Brown, ETP01303 Lt. Navy, ETP01308 Brick Red, ETP01309 Hazelnut Roast, ETP01319 Bright Green, ETP01324 Gold Silk, ETP01329 Baltic Blue, ETP01331 Dark Rust, ETP01338 Lt. Saltwater Green, ETP01346 Turnip, ETP01350 Pink Magic, ETP01352 Coffee Bean, ETP0136 Autumn Green, ETP01362 Wild Cherry, ETP01368 Horizon Pink, ETP01394 Golden Green, ETP0140 Boston Beige, ETP0145 Nestles, ETP0150 Expresso Dark, ETP0158 Sterling, ETP0165 Shading Beige, ETP0168 Hot Pink/Neon Red, ETP017 Light Blue, ETP0176 Medium Flesh, ETP0178 Mint, ETP0183 Lt. Shading Rose, ETP019 Sky Blue, ETP0218 Medium Cool Gray, ETP0243 Soft Pink, ETP0250 Orange Mist, ETP0258 Soft Baby Blue, ETP027 Fresh Green, ETP0284 Topaz, ETP0287 Misty Blue, ETP0297 Sandstone, ETP030 Vermillion, ETP0332 Pollen, ETP0390 Highlight Taupe, ETP058 Dark Brown, ETP070 Cornflower Blue, ETP079 Salmon Pink, ETP085 Pink, ETP086 Deep Rose, ETP1002 Bedtime Pink, ETP1004 Medium Rose, ETP1006 Carnation, ETP1011 Neon Pink, ETP1014 Watermelon, ETP1016 Flame Red, ETP1018 Foxy Red, ETP1022 Wine, ETP1029 Baby Blue 2, ETP1030 China Blue, ETP1033 Slate Blue, ETP1034 Blue Granite, ETP1044 Royal, ETP1045 Blue Nautica, ETP1048 Mint Blue, ETP1049 Teal Ice, ETP1051 Twister Blue, ETP1053 California Blue, ETP1059 Tulip Lavender, ETP1061 Soft Lavender, ETP1066 Grape, ETP107 Dark Fuchsia, ETP1072 Lime Green, ETP1073 Evergreen, ETP1078 Green, ETP1083 Fern, ETP1084 Another Aqua, ETP1085 Lt. Aquamarine Blue, ETP1086 Winter Green, ETP1091 Pewter Green, ETP1092 Forest Green, ETP1093 Custard Cream, ETP1096 Straw, ETP1100 Yellow Hair, ETP1103 Machine Gold, ETP1108 Canary Yellow, ETP1111 Hot Malaze, ETP1113 Almond, ETP1124 Ginger Spice, ETP1134 Autumn Gold, ETP1137 Britney Taupe, ETP1138 Pistachio, ETP1142 Pantaloon Taupe, ETP1146 Brown Herring, ETP1147 Soft Chocolate, ETP1148 Dark Brown, ETP1154 Cadet Grey, ETP1156 Grey Sky, ETP1157 Pearl Grey, ETP1162 Hot Nectar, ETP1163 Sunburst, ETP1164 Neon Orange, ETP1165 Soft Melon, ETP1166 Neon Yellow, ETP1167 Neon Green, ETP1169 Neon Berry, ETP1179 Willow Green, ETP1182 Oceanic Green, ETP1189 Red Rust, ETP1190 Very Red, ETP1192 Granite Gray, ETP1193 Black Chrome, ETP1197 Midnight Teal, ETP1198 Dark Lagoon, ETP1200 Corral Gold, ETP1202 Melon, ETP1205 Mauve Pink, ETP1207 Taupe, ETP1211 Powder Blue, ETP1214 Eggshell, ETP1220 Army Green, ETP1222 Grey Metal, ETP1223 Grey Green, ETP1224 Willow, ETP1225 Aqua, ETP1226 Light Blue, ETP1228 Grey Aqua, ETP1229 Dark Teal, ETP1230 Midnight Grape, ETP1232 May Nights, ETP1237 Chevron Green, ETP1238 Olive Drab, ETP124 Fresh Pink, ETP1240 Blue Favorite, ETP1244 Light Pink, ETP1245 Old Sage, ETP1246 Dusty Grape, ETP1251 Charcoal, ETP1252 Sattelite Grey, ETP1253 Gray Horizon, ETP1254 Intense Warm Red, ETP1255 Dark Texas Orange, ETP1256 Tawny Port, ETP1259 Military Red, ETP126 Pumpkin, ETP1262 Valley Green, ETP1264 Erin Green, ETP1267 Ivory, ETP1269 Camel, ETP1272 Aquamarine Blue, ETP1280 Gunmetal, ETP1282 Special Topaz, ETP1286 Sky Blue, ETP1288 Glacier Blue, ETP1290 Off Pink, ETP1295 Sandlewood, ETP1300 Golden Basket, ETP1302 Light Ash, ETP1306 Amber, ETP1307 Cocoa, ETP1310 Deep Maroon, ETP1318 Grass Green Yellow, ETP1321 Fashion Glow, ETP1322 Dark Green, ETP1327 Melaze, ETP1328 Persian Blue, ETP1330 Burnt Orange, ETP1334 Golden Hair, ETP1340 Lazar, ETP1342 Neon Lime, ETP1343 Very Bright Yellow, ETP1344 Hot Passion, ETP1348 Cherub Rose, ETP1356 Garnet Rose, ETP1360 Grape, ETP1364 Pink Melon, ETP1366 Deep Garnet, ETP1370 Designer Green, ETP1374 Grey Tan, ETP1378 Deck Rust, ETP1380 Brownstone, ETP1382 Sunset Grey, ETP1384 Lt. Mauve, ETP1386 Ecru, ETP1388 Soft Opal, ETP1392 Dark Army Green, ETP1396 Soft Purple, ETP1398 Navajo Teal, ETP202 Lemon Yellow, ETP205 Yellow, ETP206 Harvest Gold, ETP208 Orange, ETP209 Tangerine, ETP214 Deep Gold, ETP307 Linen, ETP323 Light Brown, ETP328 Brass, ETP330 Russet Brown, ETP333 Amber Red, ETP337 Reddish Brown, ETP339 Clay Brown, ETP348 Khaki, ETP399 Warm Gray, ETP405 Blue, ETP406 Ultramarine, ETP415 Peacock Blue, ETP420 Electric Blue, ETP502 Mint Green, ETP507 Emerald Green, ETP509 Leaf Green, ETP513 Lime Green, ETP515 Moss Green, ETP517 Dark Olive, ETP519 Olive Green, ETP534 Teal Green, ETP542 Seacrest, ETP607 Wisteria Violet, ETP612 Lilac, ETP613 Violet, ETP614 Purple, ETP620 Magenta, ETP704 Pewter, ETP707 Dark Gray, ETP800 Red, ETP804 Lavender, ETP807 Carmine, ETP808 Deep Green, ETP810 Light Lilac, ETP812 Cream Yellow, ETP817 Gray Satin, ETP843 Beige, ETP869 Royal Purple, ETP900 Black, ETP901 Flesh, ETP902 Ivory, ETP9077 Base Light, ETP9132 Highlight Peach, ETP9157 Highlight Milk Chocolate, ETP9160 Shading Dark Chocolate, ETP9166 Dk. Highlight Taupe, ETP9170 Light Shading Taupe, ETP9184 Dk. Highlight Cafe Ole, ETP9185 Highlight Cocoa


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