Baby Lock Unity – $5000

A large embroidery area opens the door to larger embroidery designs. Numerous innovative features powered by Baby Lock IQ Technology further enhance your creative journey. Features include Digital Dual-Feed System and the Sensor Pen that make sewing and embroidery easier.

The Journey includes the Kit 1 Upgrade already installed. This upgrade increases the embroidery stitch area from 7″x 12″ to 8″x 12″, as well as giving the user 2 new hoops (8″x 12″ and 8″x 8″), 30 new embroidery designs, and the ability to add multiple lines of text in embroidery edit mode.

This machine is currently located in our Davenport store.

Brother Quattro 2 – Innovis 6700D – $3000

The Quattro 2 offers an array of features including a Color Shuffling Function, improvedLCD display, scanning feature, and a 10″ Pen Tablet for use with the My Custom Design feature, as well as all the features you know and love from the first Quattro. Sew while the embroidery arm is still attached using nearly 50 square inches of work space, and embroider with brilliance using over 670 built-in embroidery designs, including designs from Disney, Bobbin Work designs and the Jumbo 12″ x 8″ frame. Another great feature is enhanced on-screen auto resizing of designs, which automatically recalculates stitch count when a design is enlarged up to 200% or reduced down to 60%. The density can also be adjusted manually.

Brother Quattro – Innovis 6000D – $2500

The Quattro® 6000D boasts 100 new and improved features including industry firsts such as InnovEye Technology, an Up Close Viewer function and Runway Lighting. Sew effortlessly while the embroidery arm is still attached using 30 inches of work space. Embroider with brilliance using over 600 built-in embroidery designs and the new Jumbo 12-inch x 8-inch hoop.

This is currently located in our Davenport store.

Brother Innovis 4000D – $2000

This machine is a workhorse! If you’re curious about embroidery, but also need a machine that will sew, this one is for you. No need to remove the embroidery arm for sewing and the maximum embroidery area is 7″ x 12″. The 4000D also features an automatic needle threader, an LCD touch screen display, and Disney designs.